Kantara Chapter 1 Release Date 2024 Thrilling

Kantara Chapter 1 Release

Kantara Chapter 1 Release on 22 September 2022. It was not a big-budget movie but still, it made a huge collection at the box office, leaving behind good big-budget movies. This movie made in South Indian cinema broke many records and people liked it so much that they went to the theater again and again to watch this movie. The writer, director, and actor of this movie, Rishabh Shetty put such a soul into this movie that every scene was worth watching.

Kantara Chapter 1 Release Date 2024

Kantara Chapter 1 Release
Kantara Chapter 1 Release

Kantara Chapter 1 Release The good news is that Rishabh Shetty is going to work again on the next part of this masterpiece, which will start on 27 November 2023. This picture has been titled Kantara A Legend Chapter 1. Muhurta puja will be held on 27 November 2023 and the shooting of this movie will also be started in the beginning or middle of December.

If we talk about the story, it shows the connection between a common man and God. If you have also seen this picture, today we have brought a piece of very good news for you. A teaser also out of Kantara A Legend Chapter 1 first look and Rashab Shetty looking different in Mahadev avatar.

Kantara Chapter 1 Release Date 2024 Legend

Kantara Chapter 1 Release
Kantara Chapter 1 Release

Kantara Chapter 1 Release The set for the project has been completely prepared in Film City where it is to be shot. If we talk about the script, the script of this movie is completely ready and the casting has also been decided. If we talk about the release date, then Kantara A Legend Chapter 1 is likely to hit the theaters by the end of 2024 in November or December. Well, Rishabh Shetty has given a crude message that Kantara Chapter 1 can be released in theaters on 22nd December.

Kantara Chapter 1 Release The teaser kicks off with Rishabh Shetty engaging the audience in a thought-provoking question about perceiving a ‘light’ that illuminates both the ‘past and the future.’ His character, Shiva, is portrayed gazing at the moon before undergoing a striking transformation into a completely different avatar. This creats an atmoshphere which filled with suspense and intrigue.

Rishab Shetty New Look

Kantara Chapter 1 Release Known for portraying Panjuluri Deva in various looks throughout Kantara, Rishab Shetty surprises fans once again with a fresh appearance in the teaser. Sporting long hair, a sculpted physique, and wielding a trishool, his character exudes a distinct aura.

Kantara Chapter 1 Teaser, Movie Plot, Story

“Kantara” was a highly successful film that gained worldwide attention last year. Its storytelling, which was based on folklore, captivated audiences and explored the deep connection between humans and nature. Hombale Films is well-known for its dedication to providing cinematic experiences that appeal to audiences across India. They are again pushing boundaries with their latest project, ‘Kantara Chapter 1’, which explores the concept of divinity.

Kantara Chapter 1 Release The first chapter of ‘Kantara’ will be released in seven different languages next year. Filming is set to begin in late December. The cast for the movie has not been revealed yet, but the film’s first glimpse hints at an adventure in a parallel world with captivating storytelling.

Kantara Biography

Kantara Chapter 1 Release
Kantara Chapter 1 Release

Kantara Chapter 1 Release Kantara 2 is an upcoming action thriller and suspense Telugu movie directed and written by Rishabh Shetty. The official release date for the film has yet to be announced, but it may release in 2024. Produced by Vijay Kiragandur, the movie has a budget of Rs. 125 crore. Rishab Shetty and Sapthami Gowda will play the lead roles in the movie.

Movie NameKantara 2
GenreAction Thriller Suspense
Streaming PartnerN/A
Release Date2024
DirectorRishab Shetty
WriterRishab Shetty
CinematographerA. Venkatesh
Production CompanyN/A
Produced ByVijay Kiragandur
Distributed ByN/A
Movie Budget125 Crore

Kantara Hero Rishab Shetty

Kantara Chapter 1 Release
Kantara Chapter 1 Release

Kantara Chapter 1 Release Rishab Shetty is an Indian actor who works in the Kannada film industry. He is an actor, director, and producer, known for his super hit films kirik party & Kantara. Rishab director of Kantara, Kirik party etc and Prashanth neel director of KGF 1 and KGF 2 are immensely talented and super hit directors from kannada film industry who have a flare to choose unique stories.

Actual NamePrashanth Shetty
Professional NameRishab Shetty
ProfessionActor, Writer, Producer, and Director
QualificationB.com and Diploma in film direction
School NameGovernment high school, kundapura
CollegeVijaya College, Bangalore
Home TownKundapura, Udupi Karnataka
Current AddressBangalore, Karnataka
DOB7th July 1983
Age39 years as on 2022
Birth PlaceKundapura
Zodiac SignCancer
HobbiesJudo and Kushti
Debut2006, cyanide movie as assistant director
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian

Kantara Early Life

Kantara Chapter 1 Release
Kantara Chapter 1 Release

Kantara Chapter 1 Release Rishabh Shetty was born on 7th July 1983. His original name is Prashanth Shetty. His father’s name is Bhaskar Shetty and he is an astrologer and his mother is Lakshmi Shetty, and he has a sister by name of Pratibha Shetty Rishabh was an average student not much interested in his studies. He has done B.com. He used to supply mineral water while studying in college. Gradually he developed an interest in acting.

Kantara Chapter 1 Release He shifted to Bombay to pursue his passion he worked as a clap boy for a movie called Ganda Hendthi and Boyfriend. He was interested in Editing as well. But things did not work out in Mumbai he returned to his native. Due to the financial crisis, he sought the help of Usha Bhandari who was close to him to get some work in the TV industry and he started working as an associate director for TV serials. It’s here that he met Rakshit Shetty and his life changed after that.


FatherBhaskar Shetty
MotherLakshmi Shetty
SisterPratibha hegde
WifePragathi Shetty
ChildrenSon-Ranvit Shetty Daughter- Radhya

Rishab Films as an Actor

Nam Areal Ondina2010
Ulidavaru kandanthe2014
Sarkari Hi prathamika shale2018
Ambi Ning Vayassatho2018
Bell bottom2019
Katha Sangama2019
Avane Srimannarayana2019
Garuda Gamana Vrishabha vahana2021
Mission Impossible2022
Harikathe Alla Giri kathe2022

Awards won by Rishab for

Kantara Chapter 1 Release
Kantara Chapter 1 Release
64th Film fare awards southBest directorKirik party
6th Siima awardsBest directorKirik party
66th national Film AwardsBest children’s filmSarkari Hi prathamika shale
Karnataka state film awards 2018Best family entertainerSarkari Hi prathamika shale
Favourite filmBhootayyana maga ayyu
Favourite ActorDr.Rajkumar and Shankar Nag
Favourite Telugu actorJunior NTR
Favourite Kannada actressRamya
Favourte carAudi

Early Life and Education
Kantara Chapter 1 Release Rishab Shetty was born on July 30, 1983, in Kundapura, Karnataka, India. Raised in a middle-class family, his journey into the world of cinema wasn’t preordained. After completing his schooling, Rishab pursued a degree in engineering. Little did he know that his destiny would soon lead him to the enchanting realm of storytelling and filmmaking.

Rishab Shetty Kantara Hero

Kantara Chapter 1 Release
Kantara Chapter 1 Release
  • Entry into the Film Industry
    Kantara Chapter 1 Release Rishab’s foray into the film industry was not conventional. While working as an engineer, he harbored a deep passion for storytelling. This passion manifested itself in the form of a short film titled “Bilinder,” which gained attention for its unique narrative and storytelling style. This marked the beginning of Rishab’s cinematic journey.
  • Acting Prowess
    Rishab Shetty’s transition from engineering to acting was a testament to his courage to follow his passion. His on-screen debut was in the critically acclaimed film “Jai Karnataka” (2011), where he portrayed a supporting role. However, it was his lead role in “Ricky” (2016) that showcased his acting prowess and garnered widespread recognition. Rishab’s ability to portray diverse characters with authenticity set him apart in an industry known for its demanding roles.
  • Directorial Ventures
    Kantara Chapter 1 Release While establishing himself as a formidable actor, Rishab Shetty ventured into directing with the film “Ricky.” The success of his directorial debut encouraged him to take on more ambitious projects. “Kirik Party” (2016), co-directed with his close associate Rakshit Shetty, became a blockbuster, earning accolades for its fresh narrative and youthful appeal. Rishab’s directorial style, marked by innovative storytelling and relatable characters, earned him a reputation as a director to watch.
  • Kirik Party and Beyond
    Kantara Chapter 1 Release “Kirik Party” catapulted Rishab Shetty into the limelight, and the film’s success opened doors to new opportunities. His ability to connect with the audience through compelling narratives continued with films like “Sarkari Hi. Pra. Shaale, Kasaragodu, Koduge: Ramanna Rai” (2018), which addressed significant social issues in an entertaining yet thought-provoking manner.
  • Experimentation and Innovation: Kantara Chapter 1 Release What sets Rishab Shetty apart is his willingness to experiment with genres and narratives. Films like “Bell Bottom” (2019), a detective comedy, showcased his versatility as a storyteller. The movie was lauded for its retro charm, engaging storyline, and stellar performances. Rishab’s inclination to push boundaries and explore unconventional themes has made him a trendsetter in the Kannada film industry.
  • Producer’s Hat: In addition to his roles as an actor and director, Rishab Shetty has donned the producer’s hat, contributing to the production of meaningful and entertaining cinema. His production ventures, such as “Ondu Motteya Kathe” (2017) and “Sarkari Hi. Pra. Shaale, Kasaragodu, Koduge: Ramanna Rai,” have not only been commercially successful but have also garnered critical acclaim.
  • Impact on Kannada Cinema: Rishab Shetty’s impact on Kannada cinema extends beyond individual successes. His commitment to storytelling, coupled with a keen understanding of the audience’s pulse, has revitalized the industry. The success of his films has inspired a new wave of filmmakers to explore diverse narratives and experiment with storytelling techniques.
  • Challenges and Growth: Kantara Chapter 1 Release Despite his success, Rishab Shetty has faced challenges in an industry known for its complexities. From financial constraints to navigating the ever-evolving tastes of the audience, his journey has been marked by perseverance and a commitment to quality cinema. The challenges have only fueled his determination to continue pushing creative boundaries.
  • Future Prospects: Kantara Chapter 1 Release As Rishab Shetty continues to evolve as a multifaceted artist, the future holds exciting prospects. His upcoming projects, whether as an actor, director, or producer, generate anticipation among audiences and critics alike. The trajectory of his career suggests a continued commitment to storytelling and a willingness to explore uncharted territories in cinema.

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