Josh Richards Girlfriend: Who is Josh Richards Girlfriend?

Josh Richards Girlfriend

Josh Richards Girlfriend: Internet sensation Josh Richards recently addressed rumors that he had separated from his girlfriend during a podcast. The TikTok celebrity had been dating Gabi Moura for some time before speculations about their break-up started brewing. Consequently, fans of the couple have been eager to know about the state of their relationship.

Josh Richards Girlfriend

Josh Richards Girlfriend Here are all the available details regarding Josh Richards relationship status, as well as his current girlfriend.

Who is Josh Richards Girlfriend

Who is Josh Richards Girlfriend
Who is Josh Richards Girlfriend

Josh Richards Girlfriend However, their online presence together soon diminished, causing fans to theorize that the couple might have separated. In a May 2024 edition of Josh Richards’ BFFs podcast, which he conducts alongside Dave Portnoy and Brianna Chickenfry.

The CrossCheck Studios CEO took the opportunity to clarify speculations surrounding his dynamics with his girlfriend. He stated that the duo hadn’t been posting content together because Gabi was in Brazil while Richards had to travel to Los Angeles for business.

In January 2023, Richards extended an invite to Moura for his birthday party, which the latter happily accepted. Since then, their romance started blossoming and the pair announced their relationship to the world in July 2023 by posting a TikTok video together. The two even began to feature on each other’s social media profiles, solidifying their association in the public eye.

The two first got in touch through social media in 2021 when Josh Richards sent a private message to Gabi. The couple, during an exclusive interview with Amazon Live, revealed that their first in-person meeting occurred two years after their initial online encounter.

Josh Richards Net Worth

Josh Richards Girlfriend The estimated net worth of Josh is $7 million. He has collaborated with big brands for endorsements and the advertisements that he does through his YouTube channel garner around $316.95 thousand. As per sources, every month Josh earns 1.32 million and in thousands each day.

The main source of his income is the YouTube channels and other sources are brand collaborations, sponsorship, affiliate contracts, and endorsements. The estimated amount that Josh gains from YouTube are 5.28 thousand dollars in a month and in a year earns more than 79.24 thousand dollars. He earns 11.88k dollars per month via his YouTube channel as per sources.

Josh Richards Age

Josh Richards Age
Josh Richards Age
  • Name: Josh Richards
  • Age: 20 years
  • Occupation: Influencer, Entrepreneur
  • Source Of Income: Social Media, Entrepreneurship
  • Net Worth: $7 million
  • Residence: Encino, California

In 2017, he started his journey with a YouTube channel where he uploads his comedy content. Richards is active on Instagram as well with more than 6 million followers and on TikTok, he has over 1.9 billion likes on his videos. Let us tell you about how rich Josh Richards is and how he began his career? How much does TikTok star earn.

Josh Richards Personal Life

Though not heavily publicized, Josh dated fellow TikTok star and Sway House member, Nessa Barrett. But, the drama that followed after their split in 2021 happened publicly. It is said that Nessa cheated on Richards with his fellow friend, Jaden Hossler.

He was dating Mads Lewis at that time. She clarified where they were in terms of their relationship on Dixie D’Amelio’s podcast. But, Josh did give his reaction in a dignified manner on his Twitter and wished the best to Jaden and Barrett.

Josh Richards House Address

Josh Richards Address
Josh Richards Address

Josh Richards is a native of Canada. When he came to the States, he shifted to the Sway House in the Bel-Air residence in Los Angeles. Later, they shifted to old Hype House in Moorpark, California. The $5 million mansion is spread across 20 acres of land and it is built on an 11,293 sq. ft area. In 2022, he will be living in Encino, California in the old estate of the Hype House.

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