Drake Creative New Album For All The Dogs 2023


‘For All The Dogs’ is the rapper’s eighth studio album and first solo release since 2022’s “Honestly, Nevermind.”


Drake, one of the most influential figures in the world of hip-hop and pop music, has produced numerous hit songs throughout his career. While he may not have a song specifically about dogs, I can certainly write about Drake and his music, as well as explore the idea of what a “Drake dog song” might entail if he were to create one.

Drake New Song :

After Teasing HIS upcoming album For All the Dogs for months, Drake revealed the track list on Thursday, featuring 23 songs set against artwork made by his son Adonis.

The list includes new single 8 AM in Charlotte which the rapper surprise dropped on social media along with a music video for the track on Wednesday night.

Drake The video opens with Adonis showcasing a piece of his artwork, which he explains to who replies, It’s almost like a little story. The drawing includes a goat with Daddy written alongside it, leading to ask if that’s him. “It’s Daddy Goat,” Adonis replies. “That makes perfect sense to me.


Drake For All The Dogs Lyrics :

  • I got some shit for you to come and get
  • I’m at the St. Regis up on Briar Oaks
  • Hit me when you done your shift
  • Woo, I see you doin’ well, baby
  • Oh, you pullin’ shit together, I can tell, baby (oh yeah)
  • Is you single or what?
  • I need a girl from the country
  • I need a girl from Kentucky
  • I need a shawty from Houston
  • I need a girl who gon’ love me
  • I need a girl who gon’ trust me
  • Someone to fuck me
  • Someone to make me feel lucky
  • Someone that’s so proud to be with me
  • She walk right up to her ex, look him dead in the face
  • And say, “You ain’t got the juice like that
  • You ain’t got the juice like that”
  • That’s cold, ice cold, girl, you ain’t have to do him like that (like that)
  • Why you had to do him like that? (Like that)
  • Gotta come through quick, quick
  • Oh, you at the club cashin’ out with Eric
  • Then hit me when you done your shift
  • I know a girl I should propose to, but we just on some different shit
  • She on some up at 9 AM already cookin’ in the kitchen shit
  • And lately we’ve been fightin’ on some, “why-you-love-these-strippers?” shit
  • Yeah, she workin’ with the spatula, I know she love flippin’ shit, oh
  • Oh, me
  • I don’t deserve it (at least you fuckin’ know)
  • She’s just a little too perfect
  • She’s just a little too worth it
  • I don’t deserve her at all, no, not at all
  • I only text her, man, I never call
  • I’m still a canine at heart, I’m a dog
  • Yeah, that’s why you gotta come through quick, quick
  • I’m posted at the Derek up on Westheimer
  • Hit me when you’re done your shift, yeah
  • I need some company, I need some company
  • I need you to take my mind off being in my prime
  • Some company
  • I’m a dog, I’m in heat, baby, heat, baby
  • I’m a dog, I’m in heat, baby
  • I’m a dog, I’m a dog, I’m in heat, baby
  • I’m in heat, baby
  • Motor City trip, Motor City trip right now
  • Yeah, I’m on a Motor City trip, I’m on a Motor City trip right now
  • Ayy, ayy, a Motor City trip right now
  • We on a Motor City trip, we on a Motor City trip right now, mmm
  • It’s a couple faces in here that a nigga piped down
  • So let’s go find a place that we can sip right now
  • Tour around the city, it’s the shit right now
  • It’s kinda lit right now that you’re here right now
  • Pop a couple Percs, let’s get it in right now
  • Saturday nights, off in my bed right now
  • Call up your girl to put them heels on
  • It’s gettin’ rowdy, rowdy right now, yeah
  • I’m on a Motor City trip
  • I’m a dog
  • I’m a dog, I’m in heat, baby, heat, baby
  • I’m a dog
  • I go ham, I’m a hog
  • Bitch so bad, coulda thought I owed her somethin’
  • By the way I broke her off (broke her off)
  • When she get too on, we take it off (take it off)
  • Drink so long, for a year I didn’t cough (cough)
  • Fantasizin’ and fistin’ and switchin’ up positions (straight up)
  • Do you mind if we just ménage just a little? (La Flame)
  • Yeah

Drake Hypothetical Dog Song :


Drake, the Canadian rap superstar known for his emotional lyricism and catchy beats, has a vast discography that spans various themes and emotions. While he hasn’t released a song exclusively dedicated to our four-legged companions, imagining what such a song would be like can be a fun and creative exercise. In this hypothetical scenario, we’ll explore the concept of a “Drake dog song” while delving into his music career and impact on the industry.

Drake Musical Journey :

Aubrey Graham, popularly known as emerged on the music scene in the mid-2000s as an actor in the teen drama series “Degrassi: The Next Generation.” However, it was his transition to music that catapulted him to stardom. He released his debut studio album, “Thank Me Later,” in 2010, and since then, he’s become one of the most influential and successful artists in the world.


Drake music often explores themes of love, fame, and personal reflection. He’s known for his introspective lyrics, catchy hooks, and ability to seamlessly blend genres like hip-hop, R&B, and pop. His songs range from upbeat hits like “Hotline Bling” to more emotionally charged tracks like “Marvin’s Room.”

A Hypothetical “Drake Dog Song” :


If Drake were to create a song about dogs, it would likely be a heartfelt and emotional track that reflects the bond between humans and their furry companions. The lyrics might touch on themes such as loyalty, companionship, and the unconditional love that dogs offer. The beat would be smooth, with a mellow melody, allowing Drake’s signature introspective style to shine.

While Drake may not have an actual dog song in his catalog, his ability to convey deep emotions through music suggests that if he were to create one, it would likely resonate with dog lovers worldwide. The hypothetical “Drake dog song” would celebrate the unique bond between humans and their canine companions, providing a heartfelt and soulful soundtrack to the joy and comfort that dogs bring to our lives.

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